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Ductwork Pressure Testing

Professional Ductwork Pressure Testing services across London and the South East.

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Ductwork Pressure Testing

Our instruments used are calibrated to national standards and copies of certification are supplied with reports. Our engineers are fully trained in ductwork pressure testing in a variety of sectors, such as operating theatres, education, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, commercial and residential building sectors.

BESA DW143 outlines the allowable leakage rates for low, medium, and high-class ductwork systems, which is mandatory in ductwork classes B to D.

Expert Ductwork Pressure Testing

Tests are carried out by dividing the ductwork into smaller and more manageable test sections, these are then blocked off using reusable blocking materials. Test sections are placed under pressure, specified in DW143, to which the results are then calculated and analysed whilst also being witnessed by the client for sign off.

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