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Fire Damper Testing

Professional fire damper testing services across Kent and the South East.

Astroworx - Fire Damper Testing

Fire Damper Testing Requirements

Stating BS:9999 – It is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT and a critical part of a building’s fire safety protocol, to ensure all fire dampers are tested by a competent person at regular intervals, not exceeding 2 years. Spring operated fire dampers should be tested annually.

Our Fire Damper Testing Process

As part of our fire damper testing service, we provide a full and thorough report of all fire dampers located on site. These locations will be marked upon building ventilation drawings which provides a visual reference of all fire dampers located on site. Every fire damper will be given a unique asset number and the details relating to the fire damper will be recorded. The information each engineer will collate is location, size, type of damper, manufacturer details and confirmation of its correct function. Digital images will also support this, with photographs taken of every fire damper in an open and closed position and included in the report. The fire damper should be dropped, cleaned, and then reset to the correct condition. We will photograph access restrictions or any remedial requirements relating to specific dampers.

Astroworx - Smoke Damper Testing
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