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Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Professional Kitchen Extract Cleaning services across London

Astroworx - kitchen extract cleaning

Kitchen Extract Cleaning Specialist

Heavy build up of grease is a great fire risk, and as a result, many insurance companies will not cover businesses with kitchen extraction systems.

Expert Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Unless they are professionally cleaned on a regular basis, by a certified professional cleaning company presenting the correct documentation. Fire safety and cleanliness are fundamental requirements of every well-managed and maintained kitchen and should not be overlooked to cut costs or corners.

Cooking facilities are present in a vast range of commercial premises including hotels, schools, restaurants, fast food outlets and public houses plus less obvious examples such as work canteens in factories or offices. Fires starting in kitchens still feature prominently in UK loss statistics. The resultant loss of a facility and disruption to the business can have a severe and immediate impact especially where cooking is the core activity. Where cooking is an ancillary activity in a ‘host’ occupancy, a fire starting here can spread to more important areas of a premises and cause widespread damage.

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